My Clients acrylics lift and i'm losing my confidence.........

I like to learn at my own pace and in my own time !

I have to file so much with acrylic, i don't understand why ?....
I see all these wonderful design's but i have no idea where to start....

I Really struggle painting fine lines....

How do you load your brush correctly?

I can never see what the educator is doing, i wish i could see the technique close up !

Can You Relate ?

I have the answer..


EduMats is a complete education package, course, support, workbook and work-mat to learn the fundamentals of art and application. 


This is the latest support and Interactive education complete with practice mats for nail technicians. 


The Edu Mats are designed and developed by Melanie Lewendon with a triple whammy of learning styles ; Aural, Written and Visual. The Edu mats are a complete interactive package which give nail pro’s an opportunity to improve and up skill on the fundamentals of nail art and nail application. Complete with an online course, a full workbook, support group and feedback, each package comes complete with a work mat, to fine tune the skills on each step by step lesson. 



Get lifetime access to a full online learning group where there is support and additional education.


The edu mats give nail artists a way to focus on key fundamentals around nail art like One stroke & Fine lines. But it also gives nail professionals the opportunity and ability to perfect their  Acrylic application skills as well. 


Not just any ordinary mat, the Edu mats are  21x29cm and fully wipeable and reusable. The material of the Edu mats will mimic the surface that the technique should be performed on. Double sided with easy to follow exercises inline with the online course it comes with. From Basic exercises to intimidate, each process is unique, developed and designed by Melanie Lewendon.

The workbook is broken down into clear concise sections containing all relevant health and safety info that correlates to your chosen mat and technique. There is  depth  information about the products you will be using  and Contains full colour illustrations and images, coasting with the online course  this visual aide explains the technique, and shows you how to complete the individual exercises. 


Working with the Edu mat the process, application and technique is filmed in step by step detail, from loading your  brush, showing the consistency of your product and highlighting the pitfalls of the application. 


An entertaining and unique course, which comes complete with the mat and the workbook, you will find the answers in the practice. 

During the pandemic , I noticed the need for online learning, without education nail professionals where turning to zoom and Facebook to provide a source of support and information. 


The general feedback from nail technicians I spoke with was that with most courses, whilst amazing, did not cover all the different learning needs of the students.  And that once the course had ended they didn’t have the support or ability to remember the technique. This I found was down to not remember the details in the class or not fully understanding the principles. 


Instead of feeling out of their depth when attending any of the courses online, I wanted to provide a fundamental package for nail techs and artists to follow and keep, so they have a basic understanding of the moves, application and consistency of the products they may be using on these courses. 



As a nail technician I believe that your basic techniques are the building blocks for everything that comes afterwards. You cannot ever start to fully understand anything without first having the correct core knowledge and skill 


The Edumats & support course give the nail professional a solution to stop feeling overwhelmed and out of your depth when you attend or sign up to a course. The good thing is that after the course is done the educate package is there to help with the next one as well. 

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