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Hi there, Mel here, have you ever wanted to learn one stroke and been put off with the complicated arrangements your hands seem to fall into, or worse still tried it and given up because your petals and designs look like spiky, striped sausages?  Do you struggle to choose the right paints, the colour combinations and yep, the most important part, blending these paints and colour together on the brush so it applies as we mean it to. A smooth ombre of light to dark.

Have you ever applied a third petal and realised your colours are the wrong way around. arghhhhh at this point, most students give up and storm off.

One stroke is a beautiful application, and a simple and quick one for salon work. with perfecting your fine lines, or do you want to refine your application to make nail in the salon easier?

On this course I guide you through brush choice, colour choice and the right paints. I will show you shapes and using the EduMat you will learn muscle memory to practise all the stroke you need to develop your own designs and style.

You will get an EduMat’s as part of this course and I will ship this to you free. I want to give you all the tools to complete this course with ease. Aside from the basic skills, you will use this mat to practise and perfect your designs. I find it eliminates frustration and using the guides on the mat, it helps you focus on the stages of one stroke application. The mat and the course take you through each shape, working up to a flower design and a leaf.  

This is the latest support and Interactive education, complete with practice mats for nail technicians. 

Once mastered, there is no looking back. You will be a one stroke master and be able to turn out designs like these on your clients with your eyes closed. Well, maybe not with your eyes closed, but with style and sexy sass.