Frequently asked questions

How do i book on a course ?

Easy !! Click on the enroll now button and tell us what you want to do, and we will do the rest ! Please ensure you have read the pre-requisites to ensure your able to take the course. An invoice will be sent with details of payment. Please note: No kit lists or details of the course will be sent until the deposit is received.

Why do you need a deposit and why is it non refundable ?

A deposit is required to secure your place. Your place will be lost if the non refundable deposit is not reveived within 5 days of reciving the invoice . It is also required if kits are being provided. The deposit is non refundable or transferable. This is to protect your place and will also protect me from no shows, especially when a full kit has been ordered.

What do i get in my kit ?

For each course that requires a kit you will have the option to purchase form myself or bring your own to a set kit list. Each kit cintains the basics for you to start your course. Any extra product needed when this runs out needs to be purchased by yourself. I will let you know where i purchase from so you are able to do this.

What happens if i am unable to attend one of the days of my course ?

Due to the logistics of this there is 2 options available to you .. 1. You can book me for a 1-2-1 to redo this lesson at a cost of £150 for each day missed. or 2. You will need to wait until the course is run, and attend the days you missed. This could incurr a long wait for the next course to be scheduled.