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Nail it with confidence

Nail it with confidence

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Dive into the world of intricate nail artistry with Sam Biddle's comprehensive course.

Unlock your creativity as you master a spectrum of techniques including:

  • ombre
  • marble
  • fine line painting
  • flawless dotwork
  • floral designs, and precision with nail art pens.
  • Elevate your creations with foils, stamping, gel bubbles, glitters, and gems for that extra sparkle.

But it doesn't stop there. This course goes beyond artistry, offering invaluable lessons on social media strategies, branding, customer profiles, pricing nail art services, and capturing stunning photos for your social platforms. Elevate your nail art game while honing your business skills to thrive in the industry. Let Sam Biddle guide you through the art and business of stunning nail design.

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